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Web Searching Reflections

The search engines, web indexes, parallel search engines and web directories that you explored in the previous online explorations are very useful tools. Without them, locating useful information on the web would be nearly impossible.

Obviously, you won't need to use all of these search tools with every new topic. However, I trust that you have found a handful that consistently return relevant results for the type of web searching that you usually do.

Send me an email message with your reflections on the online search tools. Describe which search tools you prefer. Explain why you found them to be better than the other available search tools. Tell how you will be able to use the online search tools to gather more educational resources to use in your classroom. Include the words web D in the subject of the message like this:

To: bobjost@gmail.com

Subject: web D

If you are interested in learning more about How Search Engines Work and in Refining Your Search Skills, you are invited to explore the bonus activities that follow.

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